The Joy Of Sharing…

 The Joy Of Sharing…

We spent a really nice few days at Brians parents farm where the food and desserts have a way of totally disarming ANY self control I try so hard to tell myself I have, resulting in an orgy of gluttony, followed shortly after by my pants huffing, puffing and laughing (I swear) as I struggle to do up the zipper, while blaming their tightness on the dryer running too hot.

The time had come for us to prepare to head to Calgary to visit the kids and grandkids for Christmas. Brians daughter had called to see when we would be arriving and informed us that the 2 girls had the flu (bummer)

Well, we figured as we were starting out at my daughters place, the girls would be over it by Christmas Eve and we’d be able to see them while partaking of their hospitality for the night. Contact with them earlier that day revealed that the kids had shared whatever had a grip on them, and that his daughter and her husband were feeling run down, their stomachs gurgling, no appetite, etc. etc. (ick).So we wished them well and put off the visit for another day or so.

I come from a large family so bedding down wouldn’t be a problem and as we were to have Christmas dinner at one of my sisters homes, she invited us to stay the night before (Thanks sis. Santa will surely put you on his good girl list for next year)

Christmas morning his daughter informed us that they were experiencing what she referred to as a “Christmas massacre” and she wasn’t referring to the usual mountains of wrapping paper, but rather to the fact that the whole household was under attack from nasty things like the forceful ejection of contents of the stomach through the mouth and rapid movement of … um… other matter through the intestine producing frequent evacuation of said other matter. So once again we delayed our visit.

Anyway, a couple of days later we did drop in for a visit, and although the house had been thoroughly cleaned, a sneaky little flu bug that had obviously had it’s disinfectant shot, attached itself to me and next thing I know I’m the one hugging the porcelain bowl, ejecting and evacuating (I think that should be considered multitasking) Oh how I yearned for the room to stop spinning, my body to stop sweating like I’d just run a marathon when the most strenuous thing I’d done was move from the bed to the bathroom floor, and for the toilet to stop laughing at me. I swear the water was giggling as it refilled after every flush…seriously.

At one point I looked in the mirror and wondered who the pasty colored, droopy eyed, frazzled woman with the bad hair was. Surely that couldn’t be me, I thought, as another wave forced me back to the coolness of the floor and the porcelain bowl.

Now, obviously I have recovered or I wouldn’t be boring you with my story. I’m happy to report that Brian didn’t get it, and a week and a half later shows no signs.

I’d like to leave you with the following poem I worked really hard (for about 2 minutes) to write for your reading pleasure. Sorry but I don’t have a title for it.

I do not like to have the flu

It makes me feel like yuck

With aches and pains and so much poo

And don’t forget the upchuck

I’m dizzy and I can’t see well

My arms and legs are weak

I just want out of this sickly hell

And back to a healthy peak

So while I wait this out in bed

Or on the bathroom floor

Don’t bother me, but please, instead

Just close the appropriate door

And should you get this nasty flu

That makes you feel like yuck

With aches and pains and so much poo

Well to that I say Good Luck!


Eventually we had a great visit with both our families and a few friends too. Thanks for everyones hospitality!

Happy New Year 🙂


  1. Deb Vanier Said,

    January 11, 2010 @ 5:06 pm

    loved it……keep them coming!!! I loved our afternoon together, lets do it again real soon. love yea.

  2. Bro Joe Said,

    January 11, 2010 @ 8:43 pm

    It’s really too bad you got the flu, and I feel so sorry it messed up your Christmas season. But at least you learned one lesson from it: NEVER visit friends/family who have the flu (unless you don’t mind getting it yourself) or when you’re ill (unless you don’t mind your friends/family getting ill). It ain’t worth the suffering, and visits can always be done another time! Just my two cents (Canadian) worth…. 🙂

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