Painfully Obvious…

Painfully Obvious…

After a week in denial, there I was unsuccessfully trying to ignore a toothache, mainly because…well it was aching. I tried telling myself it would be fine if I REALLY kept positive thoughts, but it seems that even I don’t listen to myself…hmph. Anyway the sadistic tooth was completely ignoring the pain medication I had taken and invited all the surrounding teeth, both up and down, to join in the melee. As I moaned and groaned while holding my hand against the painful area, my other half, being the observant fellow that he is, noticed my discomfort and inquired “What’s wrong?” “Uh, my tooth hurts. I think I need a root canal” I suspected this was the problem as I’d been through it before. I had also hoped I’d never have to do it again…sigh. “Need to go to the dentist?” he asks. As I didn’t think seeing my gynecologist was going to help, I replied “Yes, that’s probably a good idea”. Now the only dentist I even remotely trust is in Calgary, so after getting an appointment and enough pain killers to get me through the next 3 days, we headed off to Alberta.

I’m not exactly thrilled about going to the dentist. In fact I’d rather sit in a theatre, front row, in the middle seat while listening (without ear plugs) to an opera, after taking a laxative. But then again, I don’t know anyone who joyfully signs up to experience oral needles, little rubber sheets stretched across the mouth and held in place by clamps that ALWAYS bite into the gum, drills, suction and other strange utensils being thrust in and out, while listening to the dentist ask for things like nippers, pliers and power tools. Not exactly dialogue to relax by. And they try to distract you with a television mounted into the ceiling tuned into a home renovation show. Oh joy, more drill and other power tool sounds. Now I realize that today’s technology has brought about ways to make the experience less painful. However, although I appreciate the attempt, it doesn’t make going to the dentist any more joyful for me and I still cringe at the mere thought. Brian thinks my pain threshold is too low and/or that I’m simply a wimp, to which I say “Aaaaaaannd?” only to receive the usual combination head shake eye roll. Anyway, I was right. I did need a root canal and I did get a root canal. I also got a bill for $800. I’m not sure what was more painful, the toothache or the bill…Ouch!

Speaking of pain, I’ve been known to injure some part of my body on what seems in the last year or so to be a regular occurrence. It’s been a couple of months now and I celebrate each week as it comes. Well last week while we were at the farm, someone was helping his dad dig a well and “Safety first” measures weren’t quite in place. A well was needed, so they just got out there and starting digging one. What the hell. There attitude is that they’re men, and therefore invincible. Well Mr Invincible had a bucket full of heavy wet clay attack him when it came off the home made (uh huh) pully system, and he received an injury to his leg, just above the knee. I know it’s hard to believe it wasn’t me but it’s true. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy Brian (who thinks I’m a total klutz) got hurt, I’m just glad it wasn’t me and it confirms my suspicion that he is indeed as susceptible to life’s little booboos as I am. I do however have to agree with him (damn) that he has a better pain threshold than I do. The camera flash was too bright, and so the picture isn’t very good. I’m glad to say he’s well on his way to healing and I’m yet another week injury free, so life is good.


As we headed back to the RV, the well was still a work in progress (slow progress) a new shiny bucket took the place of the old plastic one (still using the same pulley system though, and the paramedics were on stand-by.

















And thanks once again for everyone’s hospitality in Calgary and at the farm.

It’s always a joy. 🙂

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