Hey Mister Sandman…

Hey Mister Sandman…


After a lesson on Algebraic permutations, I headed off to prepare for bed. The sound of rain had been fairly constant throughout the day and evening, and didn’t appear to be letting up. After flossing and brushing my teeth, I took a moment to make sure the ceiling vents were tightly closed before hitting the sheets. I have a habit of fluffing up my pillow before I lay down, and so I grabbed the upper end to do that. I knew something was wrong when I felt cool wetness, and when I lifted the pillow up and turned it over, sure enough, the underside was wet and so was the sheets and the head of the mattress. My astute mind, tired as it was, deduced that water was coming in from the window edge. That deduction was validated when I saw water dripping down the wall and on to the bed from, you guessed it, the window edge. Closer inspection showed the wooden mattress base was also quite wet…aaack. The blame for this really belongs to Brian. You see earlier in the evening, as the rain was pelting down on the RV, he looked at me and said “It’s nice to be warm and dry”. Obviously the gods heard this and decided that we were getting just a little too comfortable and so, perhaps having had a slow day and looking for a bit of entertainment, they sent us this rather moist reminder. It also meant that the sandman was going to have to wait…sigh.


I will remind everyone that our RV is 30 yrs old, and therefore has NO roll out sections, thus giving us a 12 inch wide “hall” space. Now, I’m not complaining, I just feel this will help you get the picture more clearly. Anyway I quickly stripped the bed and then Brian used a combination origami and wrestling technique to maneuver the mattress out into the hall (aka kitchen) and leaned it against the combination clothes closet, liquor cabinet and pantry wall. Our hopes being that by sometime the next day, both the wood and the mattress would be dry.


The only other available sleeping area was the sofa in the living/dining room. This is the area where the sofa and the dining table (with benches, not chairs) are directly across from each other and said dining table also acts as the living room table. The sofa slides down like a futon resulting in a cross between a twin and double bed. We have never tried to sleep on this before but, as they say (Does anyone really know who “they” are?) there’s a first time for everything, although I think some things should never have a first time, like root canals, blind dates or Brian climbing off the sofa in the morning, making my side tilt toward the table and the opening underneath, sending my back side, butt first, into said opening, folding me in half.


Well the bed frame was dry but the mattress wasn’t, so it spent the day in the “hall”. It went something like this…

-Tilt mattress toward sink, making sure no one is on the sink side

 (Sorry dear) open closet, put laundry in basket, close closet, tilt

 mattress back

          -Sideway shuffle between stove, counter and sink as needed,

           while keeping the stepping on your other half’s feet down to a

           minimum (Apology accepted).  

          -Tilt mattress, get water container, tilt mattress back, fill water

           jug and coffee pot, tilt mattress, put container away, tilt mattress


          -Slide mattress (Thought I was going to say tilt didn’t you?) farther

           in to the “hall”, get stuff needed off bedside table, slide mattress


          -Tilt……Well, you get the idea.


By the end of the day, Brian had sealed EVERY window, the mattress was dry and he had it wrestled back into the bedroom and onto the frame. Teeth were flossed and brushed. Ceiling vents were checked. Pillows were fluffed, and the sandman was calling. I climbed between the clean sheets and as I drifted off to sleep I heard “It IS nice to be warm and dry.” Shhhh! J

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