Continuing Education…:p

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Continuing Education…


“What’s this?” Brian asks while pointing to the H on the periodic table of the Chemistry book. Well I’m pretty sure I learned the alphabet correctly some time ago, so I confidently respond with “H”, to which he replies “No. That’s not what I’m looking for”, which gets me to thinking…If he’s not looking for the H, then…a) Why point to it?..b) What letter IS he looking for?..c) Why is he asking ME? Surely he knows the alphabet and can find whatever he’s looking for himself… Clarification comes with “What’s the name of the element?”  “Ohhhhhhhh” I reply with raised eyebrows as I realize that school is once again in session, and Chemistry is the subject for the day.

At this time I’d like to say that I admire anyone who grasps this topic easily. During High School, you were the ones I envied as I struggled with basic Science, Math and my locker combination. If I wore a hat I’d take it off to you. I, on the other hand, openly admit that I have a BIT of a problem sorting out what atoms, mass numbers, quantum something or others, molecular orbital and other theories ARE, never mind how they relate to the body, rocks, our car or toilet paper. Anyway, there I sat, trying my hardest to grasp the material presented to me, as I asked question after question while Brian opened another beer and developed a tic in his left eye. After a couple of hours, I came to the conclusion (Sorry to disappoint Brian) that chemistry may not be my strong suit, which is ok with me. I mean, if we were all into nothing but the sciences, then dull would replace fun in social moments, because there wouldn’t be anything new to discuss as we’d all be on the same page. I think diversity is a good thing. If not, then chances are there wouldn’t be any Tim Hortons….I KNOW!  Anyway, I haven’t given up on Chemistry……yet. And Brian hasn’t given up on me……yet. Also, class wasn’t a total washout, because with his much appreciated patience (his tic has lessened considerably) I did learn a few things…. 1) Cr stands for Chromium … 2) Everything is made up of Neutrons, Protons and Electrons … and 3) Sleeping with the teacher does NOT guarantee a passing grade……hmph 😉



  1. Robby Said,

    April 7, 2009 @ 4:28 am

    As usual this made me laugh!

  2. Karen Said,

    April 11, 2009 @ 7:47 am

    although it does give a passing grade in sex ed.. I HOPE!

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