Bring It On….


Bring It On…


At the end of October it will be a year that my other half and I have spent in the RV together…..I KNOW! It doesn’t seem like a year, but that could be partially due to short term memory loss, which I’m sure is not in any way related to my age.


Yes, it’s been a year of learning for both of us, although I must say that with all the class sessions in Chemistry, Math etc. that I’ve suffered endured thoroughly enjoyed, I have learned more than he has. Whether I’ve retained any of it is another matter.


I can’t speak for Brian, but here are just of few things I’ve learned…


-I’ve learned that if you don’t like rain, you shouldn’t be here.


-I’ve learned to skirt an RV. I’ve also learned how to tarp an RV…over…and over…and over, and that you can’t have too many bungee cords.


-I’ve learned 2/3 of the Periodic Table, which is kind of cool although what I’m going to use it for is still a mystery to me. And for the most part I still don’t care for math…or chemistry…or science in general…I’m just saying.


-I’ve learned that two people cannot fit into the bathroom of an RV at the same time…uh, to brush their teeth. I’ve also learned that the shower stall is a great place to put recyclables, seasonal footwear and his toiletries, and the wall cabinet is a great place for all my stuff. Don’t cringe, we do shower, but in the main building here, which I don’t have to clean.


-I’ve learned that turning on the microwave and air conditioning at the same time makes the power go off in the entire RV.


-I’ve learned not to say anything to Brian, that I want him to remember, until he has two cups of coffee in the morning. However before his coffee is a good time to tell him things like I’m going to throw out his favorite hole ridden and threadbare underwear or t-shirt, as his automatic reply at that time is “Ya, ya” and then later on when he asks, I can honestly say he had agreed to it’s disposal.



-I’ve learned to give up the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and 3/4 of the sofa and dining area (all at the same time) to make room for his I Can Fix It projects, c/w enough tools to open up a shop, and prepare a meal on 6 inches of table space with a coffee cup, a tea light candle, and a shot of Baileys.


-I’ve learned that getting on a boat by the swim grid entrance is less hazardous to your health than falling in from the side, that docking a 36 ft power boat is easy one day and not so much the next, and that other people on the dock are good at giving support and encouragement for each effort, especially if doesn’t threaten one of their boats.  


-I’ve learned to navigate…somewhat…by fold up and book style maps. And I’ve learned that when someone asks for last minute navigation information for an alternate route in order to bypass the construction directly ahead, doesn’t make me a happy navigator and usually leads to what I call “oral banter” and then another construction zone. Perhaps he’s learned this too. Do I hear a “Yes Dear”?


-I’ve learned that I like chestnuts, our dock neighbors, and walks together up the mountain in our backyard, but not sushi, music (debatable) that sounds like monkeys playing an assortment of instruments after consuming 8 cups of coffee, or expeditions in the dark and blowing snow to rescue rope and bungee cords in an attempt to keep the tarp from being blown into the next town.


-I’ve learned I don’t need a television, and that playing Scrabble with a word nerd (albeit a cute one) requires time, patience, a sense of humor, did I say patience? and something stronger than green tea.


-I’ve learned where every rest stop with a toilet is between Agassiz BC and Calgary or Edmonton AB.


I’ll stop by saying that home is definitely where the heart is. It’s not where you are, but who you’re with and why you’re there. Besides I’m not sure about my readers attention span. The important thing is that this past year has been a pleasure, and sharing it with the man I love is a big part of that.


So bring on the next year because I’m ready. Lets see, ear plugs-check, tea lights-check, official Scrabble dictionary-check, bungee cords-check, and……oh oh…I’m out of Baileys. 😉







  1. Vivian Said,

    October 26, 2009 @ 7:38 am

    You make living in an RV sound so romantic!

  2. simone Said,

    October 28, 2009 @ 1:05 pm

    It can be if you’re with the right person, and you don’t sweat the small stuff…ha

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