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November 27-29, 2008

Not much happening these days. Walks, which are always good, and our last stop at the car lot to hook up to their internet was a success for whatever Brian was trying to get done, so that’s good too. 

The other night he gave me a lesson in Mechanical Physics (specifically Torque)…I KNOW! The scary part is that I actually get it now……I KNOW!

I must say, that I think he missed his calling. The education system was short changed, because he would have made a great teacher.

 We went to Shelter Island Marina and filled out the application for the moorage. Brian decided NOT to cave in to their in depth probing tactics, and as such the credit application portion of the form was not filled in, much to the surprise of the gentleman behind the counter. Apparently they feel they need to do a thorough credit check. This includes, and I’m not making this up, chequing and saving account BALANCES, ALL methods and amounts of income, along with the bank info so they can confirm the amounts. We were told it’s because they’ve had “undesirable” people at the marina before. Hmmmm……So, let me get this straight………If you have a poor credit rating and no proof you have money in the bank, you’re automatically “undesirable”, and if you have a good rating and proof of money in the bank, you’re automatically “desirable”?? When he told us they wanted to make sure people could pay the rent, I pointed out that prepaying for 6 months (which is mandatory) pretty much takes care of that. He was actually flustered when faced with that simple fact……well DUH! So now we wait for a call from the Wendy, who decides if we’re “undesirable” because we wouldn’t give them that kind of info. WTH.

 We’re doing another 5 puzzle Sudoku, which is the most difficult one we’ve attempted to date. We actually put it down and went to bed without finishing it, which is unusual. The notable thing here is that we haven’t had to erase it…yet.

 It rained throughout the night (how unusual), and continued off and on all day Friday. Murky, misty, soggy, and downright wet, but that didn’t stop us from going for a wonderful walk around Lake Errock and wooded area. The creek is full of dead fish, and the smell is strong. I find it hard to believe they’ll just decompose quickly and be absorbed by the environment. There’s just so many and they’re not small, plus not just in the water, but up along the banks. As we walk often, we’ll go by there periodically and check it out. On our way out of the wooded area, I followed Brian’s path through a shallow, rocky, and muddy area (complete with water) and although he made it through with his above the ankle boots, I……well……did not. Apparently I should have “stepped” down, and instead I jumped off the rock and landed too heavily in the muck and sunk……yup, sunk……wearing only regular height hiking shoes, that, although are fairly waterproof, are only effective to the top of the heel. Ah, you get the picture.

Unplanned laundry was now on my agenda, and my slippers were a welcome friend.

 We did manage to finish that puzzle, and then he beat me at Scrabble. I swear he can read my mind, because he has this knack of placing tiles exactly where I plan to, thus totally screwing me up.

  The alarm went off at 06:00 this morning (Saturday). Brian had to get up and head off to the Vancouver airport to pick up Mike. I, however, did not, and the PLAN was to sleep in. Well of course, plans go awry. I woke up at 08:00 and, for the life of me, couldn’t get back to sleep…aaaargh. Geez, I was up, colored my hair, showered, had breakfast, made the bed, and crocheted an afghan by 10:00.

 Another good walk in the rain. So there we are, going through the brush, and as such, struggling with my umbrella, and realizing that it’s not really protecting anything, when WHAP, I get slapped in the face with a well soaked bush. At that point, I fold up the umbrella, shake like a dog, and catch up with Brian. We soon came upon a fairly dry (well to a point) creek bed, and headed down it. I HAVE to get a pair of boots……really. We always come to an area that just insists we cross it, and it always comes complete with rocks and flowing water (the rocks, of course, never laid out in a flat, evenly spaced path). Brian breezes across (in his proper boots) while I hesitate, and try to plot a more even floored, lower level of water point to make my cross. Now, as Brian …… hmmm …… thinks he’s being encouraging (I hear the words “old woman”…… I KNOW……He has to sleep sometime), I decide not to take a chance on slipping and breaking a hip or something, and just walk across. Moses must have been with me, because I made it……feet DRY……Not soaked, wet, or even damp, but DRY. As we made it to the highway and headed home, Brian looks at me and asks why I’m not using my umbrella… HELLOOO……My clothes look like I put them on straight out of the washing machine, and my curly hair is dripping down my face. But what the hell, I humor him and put the umbrella up. Maybe I’ll dry off by the time we get home (ya, right). All in all it was a great walk, and we got back home, clothes wet, but feet dry…… Time to curl up in the afghan.


November 21-23, 2008

The past few days…… 

Spent some time at the car lot, so Brian could do a little research on the Regal Commodore boat (ref-Nov.18), and post some of my more recent ramblings. We also went back to Mission, and bought a small stove top percolator, as it’s just easier to make coffee with something OTHER than just hot water and coffee grounds. Well you can, and we have, but it’s……groundsy (That’s a real word…no, really, you don’t need to look it up). If you’re wondering why, and I’m sure you

are, we don’t have a regular drip coffee pot, it’s because RV’s (at least ones’ from that decade) have counter space (I’m not making this up) of about 4 inches by 5 inches……Ok 6 inches if you include the cover for the sink. And don’t even ask about the size of the sink. Once again, I’m not complaining, I’m just saying.

 Saturday found us back in the Richmond area, to look at the inside of the previously mentioned boat. It turns out to be a pretty good boat, at a pretty good price, so before we do anything final, we’ll spend a few days, checking out insurance, the transfer of the moorage, possible survey, etc. The interior is smaller than the RV (I KNOW!), and storage might could will be a challenge, but I like a challenge once in a while. Chances are that Brian is going to have to give up some of his shirts. It’s not for long term (except for his shirts) but only until we find the right sailboat. We can take it out while we look for another boat, and enjoy the water at the same time. While we were there, we walked around the boatyard just to see what was there. It’s so interesting that there is such a huge variety of boat styles and sizes. Also, the wide range of conditions. Some that didn’t look like they needed much work (but what do I know) to those that were obviously rotting away and not looking at all like they can be salvaged (but what do I know). I was also glad to see a port-a-potty in the shipyard. Why? Because the women’s, and ONLY the women’s, washroom at the marina was out of service. Of course it would be no big deal if it were the men’s washroom, now would it guys? I was getting close to using the men’s, but lo-and-behold, there were MEN… all around. Not necessarily using the facility, but  doing tile work. Nonetheless, they were there, and I wasn’t in the mood for any surprises that didn’t include Ed McMann, a huge bouquet of balloons, and a large cheque.

 Then we went to Steveston and enjoyed a good walk along the Boardwalk and harbor area, and Fisherman’s Wharf. The history of the BC Canneries is posted along the route, and a few of the original buildings are still there, but not open for viewing. It looks like it would be really busy in the summer (quite touristy).  

If you wanted to soak up the harbor atmosphere, the trick was NOT to look in the opposite direction. There, spreading out, and up, for miles was condominiums, condominiums, and condominium townhouses. Ehh.

 We stopped in at one of the local Fish and Chip places and had our fill……yummy. The only thing missing was Louise’s lemon meringue pie……sigh(Brian’s mom).

That, I know.


 Sunday……Grey Cup Day. Not that it mattered to us, as we don’t have television, but Way To Go Stampeders!

 Cozy day at home……slow cooker simmering away. Walk through the park, curled up together and watched a documentary, and then the first episode of Get Smart (on the computer). Now that’s just good old fashioned funny. Then I…… ready? …… BEAT Brian at a game of scrabble. Yes I said beat……not by much, but the point is I DID beat him. Unless he just let me win so he could get… 😉 …… DOH!

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November 19-20, 2008

Ok. Hang on tight. Here it is… 

Lazed around in bed……Breakfast……Shower……Shared in doing Laundry……Vacuum……Windows and Blinds…… 5 piece Sudoku puzzle together……(erased twice…aaack)……journal, while Brian is doing the prep work for supper, after which I will do the cooking……OH, I almost forgot, I hemmed a pair of his pants…by hand…Not bad eh? Although, in the past, I have been known to use a needle and thread to hem or sew on a missing button…really…:p 

Note: Hmmm…It would be nice to have a hard copy of this journal someday, so if anyone has a printer, and is willing to help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it.

It’d also be nice to have an abundance of money, so again, if anyone wants to help out with that too, my bank account is at the CIBC……J

 So we heard strong winds last night. We also felt those winds. I wouldn’t have been surprised to have woken up this morning and found us parked at an outlet mall, somewhere in Kansas. A blustery day it is, and I’m willing to bet the misty rain that’s started, is going to transform into full showers shortly……See, what did I tell you?……I ought to be a weatherman (is there a politically correct name for a woman who does the weather, because weatherwoman just doesn’t sound right? No, Brian, I’m not going to Google it). 

We decided to check out the Kilby Farm and General Store. It’s supposed to be a landmark and a must see. What to say, what to say……hmmm……well, there’s a little touristy gift shop and kind of café with an old building next to it and a couple of chickens and a pig. I thought maybe I was missing something, but NOPE, that’s about it. We took a short walk around the area, and thought we’d try Harrison (Hot Springs), but once again, it’s just a touristy (Is that even a real word? No Brian, I’m not going to Google it) place, so we headed home, and was pleased to see the RV was still there, although I don’t recall us leaving it on it’s side. 

That brings me to our friendly game of Scrabble. I feel the IMMEDIATE sympathy given by Brian’s family, and I thank you. Honestly, by the time it takes him to decide on a word, I’d read the complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. Then I start to feel pretty good, because I got a word combo that gave me 50 points, only to be shot down with his continuous big point letters that just fell into place, everywhere, and never mind the word nerd comes up with words that I have no idea what they mean, and if I challenged him, we’d be in our 80’s before the game was over. Reading this, it would appear I’m being a bit of a sore loser (never mind by how much), but, sheesh, a person can only do so much with 6 repetitive vowels and 1 consonant. FINE, I admit I’m whining, but that’s only  because he kicked my ass in the second game too……I KNOW, WHAT was I thinking??

 Now where did I put the aspirin?

 PS: I looked it up, … :p Brian … and touristy IS a word. Also Weather Woman (2 words) is acceptable. 


November 17 & 18, 2008

We’ve been sleeping well, and we don’t notice the trains anymore. It hasn’t rained in the past few days either, and it’s been part sunny, or part cloudy, depending on which side of the street you’re on..ha. Mike was leaving for a 2 week holiday, so we went into Maple Ridge, and had breakfast with him. What a shmaazz that was. It used to be a well run mom and pop operation, that has obviously been turned over to others, who have NO idea what they’re doing. One cook and one waitress/counter person. Customers giving orders at the counter AND from tables, the waitress running back and forth from kitchen to counter to tables, and ‘round and ‘round it went……forever……orders getting mixed up, eggs missing, toast missing……etc. Longest breakfast I’ve ever had, and Mike never did get his missing egg, although our toast did show up in time for lunch.

Anyway, Mike left, and we spent a little time on the computer at his lot, trying to update people, and Brian put some pics and this journal up for all to see. I even answered the office phone a few times as the sales guys where with customers. It was kind of fun. I KNOW, exciting isn’t it? Hang on, there’s more……

On our way back home, we stopped in Mission…ON a mission…to find a Malita (sp?)  coffee pot. We left with a few groceries, but not coffee pot. I fear they’ve gone to the wayside……sigh.

On to Tuesday……It’s so nice to wake up, and just lean over, open the blinds, lay back again, and look out. Nothing but trees and sunshine……and sometimes rain……or blowing leaves……or blowing rain and leaves……ANYWAY, my point (and yes I DO have one) is that it’s peaceful, and we don’t have to hurry to get up and enter the rat race until we feel like it……J

 We went into Shelter Island Marina (Richmond) to take a look at the outside of a boat (couldn’t see inside, as owner away). The boat looks promising, although it’s not a sailboat. Now the reason it would be a good buy at this point is that it comes with a transferable moorage, and having a place to moor a boat is a good thing. In the spring it could be sold, a sailboat could be purchased, and we’d still have a place to put it……Aaaah, now you see. We’re going back on Saturday to see the inside of it, so it’s too early to say. We did however learn that we’ll be taking another route to get there. Cripes! Freeway my ass……It should be called a You Better Not Be In A Hurry To Get Where You Want To Go Way. I was the navigator (“The Map” reader). Not sure how I got this job, and not sure if I want this job……aaack. I’m getting better……I think, although Brian may be of a different opinion……And after a “few” moments of confusion and frustration, I would like to reiterate that I didn’t YELL at him that I was ready for a drink, I simply……um……stated in a voice that could be heard (apparently all the way to Germany) that I was ready for a drink…:p

 Eventually we headed up to Vancouver and, as we had some time to spare, we took

Marine Drive. We saw a few nice “shacks” (as Brian puts it). It really is a nice drive. The brownish haze over the city did, however, take away from the view.

We met up with my son, Michael (Lordy, it was good to see him) and walked down by Coal Harbor on our way to dinner. Some mighty nice boats moored there. Had dinner at Cardaros (great food) and walked back to Michaels (The weather was so nice……aaah, winter in Vancouver). After dropping him off to see a play with some friends, we headed home. Now, I’d like to state for the record that we had driven this route home last time we were here, and as we were now about to head out, Brian had mentioned the roads he was going to take. I say this because there came a time when he realized we were NOT on the road he thought, and that we were actually north of it. This was confirmed when we pulled over and consulted “The Map”, which I hadn’t been doing because I didn’t think there was a need. He thought I was paying attention to navigating, and I thought he knew where the hell he was going. So in the end, I consider that a draw……even though……ah never mind… Nonetheless, we made it home and will live to see another day.


November 15 and 16, 2008

Doubling up again. Hey I never promised I’d write EVERY day. So Saturday we went to look at a couple of places we hoped might have moorage. Unfortunately, neither one worked out (no “live aboard” plus waiting list, blah,blah.). A little disappointing, but onward we go! Then we went to the car lot, and Mike took us to pick up 2 cars he’d bought from elsewhere, and we each drove a vehicle back to the lot. Maybe we’ll become car movers or something.

BS Car Movers. No? Hmmm.

 Watched some of the CFL final playoff game between Calgary and Vancouver, and Calgary Stampeders won……Yay……They’re off to the Grey Cup! Back to the boat for awhile. A couple of Mikes workers stopped by as well. Mark decided to walk to the nearest bar. He was last seen getting into a truck driven by a Sasquatch, or maybe Elvis, or maybe a Sasquatch dressed like Elvis, or Elvis IS alive and living in the BC mountains and just hasn’t shaved. Anyway when we left, Bill was still debating whether he was staying over, or cabbing it home.

BS Taxi Service. No? Hmmm.


Now it’s Sunday, and it’s 7:25pm. Had a lazy morning. Then we went for a walk down the highway (east) and an hour later stopped at a place in the Harrison Mills area called the Sasquatch Pub. The weather was perfect for walking, and the scenery……well it’s the mountains for heavens sake. Doesn’t get much better.

We had a nice lunch, caught a dead fish, and walked the hour home. Ok, we didn’t catch a dead fish, but that woke you up a little didn’t it? There WERE dead fish though. All along the river bank. Apparently they spawn, and die shortly after……I KNOW!……I wonder if they’d work so hard to get laid, if they knew it was going to kill them. 

We settled down to read our books, and then I realized I hadn’t journaled, so here I sit, computer screen open, entertaining my readers with my words. But alas, it’s time for me to get back to my book (The Undomestic Goddess). Toodles.


Now it’s onto today (14th)……

I slept well, and apparently so did Brian. He did, however, feel “fuzzy” and “off” this morning, and was surprised when I told him how much wine had been consumed last night, but NOT surprised, then, by the way he was feeling today. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t hand out much sympathy when it’s self-inflicted. I don’t do anything to aggravate it, but suck it up princess.

We headed out around 11:00 for some fresh air and went exploring (on foot), for 2 hours, starting in our backyard and venturing out and about (no I’m not from Nfld, that would be “out and aboot”) into the surrounding area. The ground here is carpeted with huge maple leaves. There’s trees, trees with lush vibrant green moss growing on them, and trees with ferns growing out of the moss growing on them. It’s amazing, and so cool. We’ll be doing more foot exploring for sure.

Got back, with Brian still not feeling all that great. A snack helped a little, and then he went into Mission to arrange for a larger propane tank for here, and then off to see about possible moorage at a dock near Maple Ridge. I stayed back to do another load of laundry, vacuum, and wash the floor……I KNOW……what’s with that? Suzy homemaker briefly took over for……oh……35 minutes (an hour tops with the laundry). Hey, that’s one of the nice things about living in an RV… small floor area to clean up……small every area to clean up……Works for me! Time to relax and start a book, while I wait for Brian to get home.

 We talked to a couple of family members and then curled up with books and popcorn for the evening. Cozy and comfy……Life is good.



November 24-26, 2008

These few days were……well……72 hours.

We spent some time in Maple Ridge at the car lot, so we could have access to the internet (obviously a regular stop). We may have to start selling cars soon. Brian doing computer update “stuff”, which is code for “I don’t have a flipping’ idea what the hell he’s doing or talking about”, and I on the shop computer, checking email, blah blah blah.

 I should mention that we recently decided not to live a board the boat for the winter, but will stay in the RV, which is comfortable and is home. So now we only need regular moorage (live-a-board moorage is the hardest to come by), and so we went back to the Mission marina to check this out. Seems more likely that we’ll be able to get moorage, but as the dock master is leaving on holiday, we won’t know until after the first week of Dec. The application to take over moorage at the Shelter Island Marina (where the boat is now) is nuts. Good lord, they just fall short of requiring a tissue, blood and urine sample. Brian definitely draws the line at a prostate exam. 

Anyway, our nature walks are always relaxing. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we come along dump areas. These are not actual designated dumping areas, but just random spots where people have dumped things. Anything from exercise equipment to stoves. I don’t understand why they don’t take it to the actual dump. I mean, they have to load it up onto a truck and then take the time to travel out and up these paths/roads to find a spot, so why not simply load it up and take it to the dump?? Am I missing something?

 Well Tuesday we ventured once again to Maple Ridge and stopped in at Kanaka Landing (where Mike has his boat) and had a visit with Derrick, the dock master.

The weather was nice, and it’s so cool to see the potted plants on the dock still flowering. Mike’s boat was still afloat (a good thing), and we went on board just to check it out (he’s still away), and make sure everything was good (which it was). Then we met up the owners of the Commodore (the boat we want) and put down a deposit with the rest to be paid when the boat is turned over, which will be between sooner or later…aka…now and Jan. 15/09. So, people, Brian is about to be the owner of a 36’ twin engine pleasure boat……Woohoo! Pics should be posted, so have a look. Now we just need to settle the moorage issue. Did I just hear the snap of a rubber glove?


November 13, 2008

I’m actually writing this on the 14th as we were late getting back last night. Wednesday nights sleep was good. We’re quite used to the train whistles now. And we woke up to blue sky and some sunshine……WOOHOO! With all the rain it’s understandable why it’s so lush and green here. Breakfast, coffee, yada yada, and we dress for what we think the weather is going to be, and head off to Mission for a few items, and then to Maple Ridge. We stopped at Mike’s car lot for a “little bit” and to “quickly” make a change or two to a program on Brian’s computer. A “little bit” turned out to be 5 hours, and “quickly” turned out to be, well, 5 hours. I spent my time just walking around the lot and then doing crossword puzzles from old newspapers in Mike’s office (although we stopped for lunch across the street at a market/deli…good food). We realized that our choice of outerwear good have been one thickness higher, when the sun slid behind a cloud. What a sudden drop in temperature. The office door was open to the outside so even indoors was cold. Eventually I sat in the car and puzzled. As you can see, it was a non-stop day.

 Eventually we headed to Mike’s boat (the makings of supper in hand). Stopped in at the dock masters office and visited with Derrick and a couple of others. Once on the boat, Brian and Mike partook of a little wine, and an evening of good company and humorous conversation was underway. The more wine they had (I was to be our designated driver), the more humorous, so by the time we left at 11:30 the conversation was absolutely hilarious, if you get my drift, and I’m sure you do. I was a mite chilly with the passenger winder rolled down, but I it was for the best. What I don’t get is how Brian, after being so uneasy/uncomfortable in the car, could eat cheese and pickles when we got home. The crackers I DO get, but pickles? Ick. I offered him the side of the bed closest to the bathroom.

Boat Profile


November 12, 2008

At this point I would like to say something to anyone who is reading this……WAKE UP!!  I realize this may be dull material to most (if not all) of you, but keep in mind that this adventure has only just begun. I mean really. I’m sure Robinson Caruso spent the first days finding someplace to park his butt (considering he lost his RV……I mean boat… so we’re one up on him already), gathering food, doing laundry. Ok, he didn’t have much laundry to DO, but he’d have to do it often. You get my point…… :p  Besides, we’re enjoying the slow pace. I know we’re supposed to be looking for a boat, but it’s not so much fun to do in the pouring rain, and at this point we have no internet to search out a boat. One option, of course is to just head out in the car and stop at some marinas. We’ll see I guess. Soooooo, anywaaaay……

Choose one of the following:

Last night it……      




 d)all of the above

 e)none of the above


I actually don’t have a problem sleeping through the sound of rain. I find it rather soothing. Up, dressed, a good cup of coffee, fed, and out for our walk. This time we went along the highway until we reached the nearest gas bar/convenience store. Drivers couldn’t miss seeing us, as we were wearing our bright yellow (Brian) and orange (Simone) floater jackets. For those of you who don’t know what those are, they’re full, ride just below your butt, jackets that are actually floatation jackets, only they don’t look like it. They’re neat, and keep you warm and dry. Besides with all the rain we’ve been experiencing, we weren’t taking any chances.

Just as we arrived back, Mike (Brian’s brother) stopped by. It was good to see him. Our first visitor!…:)

I managed to finally get through to my Mom, and had a good chat. We sent a few text messages and photo of “stress free” Brian. The pic actually makes him look like a freaky boogeyman (on purpose) but that’s how he looks everyday now……and he’s not shedding nearly as much as you’d think.


We managed to complete another Sudoku puzzle this afternoon, and after wearing out only 1 eraser……ok, maybe 2, but that’s my final answer.

Once again we pulled off another great supper, and as I settle down to write a bit, Brian is looking over maps of this area. Planning on exploring a bit and maybe even find some moorage (we no longer have the moorage we had hoped for……sigh). Oh, and that means back to square two (square one was getting out here). No sense getting a boat, if there’s no place to moor it. Being an optimist, I see it as a minor setback. Mind you if it continues to drizzle (and by drizzle I mean pelt down in random bursts of balloon size drops) we may have to put sails on the RV.

Time for my lullaby.


Day Two

Gentle rain throughout the night (I know, there seems to be pattern here)and although the snoring seems to have diminished, there is a new sound added for our listening pleasure……a train, or I should say several trains. Can’t see them, but can hear that whistle blowing. I think it bothered Brian more than me though. I didn’t sleep that well (not due to the noise). I just couldn’t seem to stay asleep. I eventually flipped to the end of the bed (head at feet end) and finally managed to doze off, and Brian didn’t complain about being kicked in the head, so that’s good. I went and had a shower at the ones provided here at the site, and took ALL the time and water I wanted (in the RV, water is restricted, which in turn restricts time, not to mention the shower is the size of shoe box only a little taller. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying).

We went for good long walk and found a pool of large fish (don’t know what kind) in a brook along the way. I think my brother, Jerry, would enjoy fishing there for sure.

As the weather is so misty and rainy, my hair is rather curly (as in people pay good money for a perm to look this curly, curly) and there’s no use trying to change/control it (I’ve tried in the past, and it’s a waste of time, not to mention the unnecessary use of words that my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap for……Love you Mom!)

Spent some time writing this journal, while Brian did a Sudoku puzzle (don’t be lazy……if you don’t know what it is, Google it……OMG I sound like Brian……haaa……Love you Brian!). I also went back and forth to the laundry room……to do laundry (in case that needed clarification). Two cooks, one great meal, and then we both worked together on the puzzle again……and again……(we had to erase it and start over…twice……Pass the soap). Eventually we were successful at completing it……YES, correctly. I would like to stress that these are actually 5 puzzles interlocking and overlapping each other, so NOT as easy as you’d think. As I write this, Brian is patiently trying to figure out the combination for a PC lock he found at work (10,000 possibilities ……I KNOW). This is just another puzzle to him, and I find it amazing that he has the patience to even try. If it were me……well……Pass the soap.


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